About us

We are K/M, two lover birds who found each other as full replacement parts (compliment). We started with a squish, crush, dated for a few years and today we are husband and wife with three lovely kids. As a happily married couple, we understand what it is to be sexually hungry – call it the taste of romance.

We are passionate about sex and dating. These are two words that are proportionately related and one hundred percent dependent on one and the other. Just as one (1) needs two (2) to make twelve (12), this was in the past. We found out that people are often skeptical about asking questions related to sex because they think it’s embarrassing. Come to think of it, sex and dating matters are as important as education, politics, and religion and if you can’t ask, try to read.

Born into families with parents from polygamous backgrounds, sex and romance starvation ruled the lives of our grandparents. This idea drove us into to researching how she managed her feelings in the moment when her husband would be with the other co-wives while she has to stand-by waiting for her turn as prescribed in the schedule. Of course there was no live sex cams, there was no online dating, no one night stand, no sex toy, masturbation was uncommon and yet she needed to keep her feelings until that day. This explains the reason why we have uncles who have different fathers. She had to depend on the next available man, without even a contraceptive, she became pregnant.

Today, Sex and Dating can go parallel to each other. Many people have had sex without even knowing who they did it with. Others have dated without even seeing the color of their date mate’s underwear. This is the result of online dating and live sex cam.

The continuous rise this sexual desire and feeling has created a new and modern form of livelihood through modelling, dating and gaming. And this has employed many jobless people, changed many lives, reduce unwanted pregnancies and has drastically dropped the spread of STDs. The side effect which comes from the unscrupulous use or exaggerated us of sex toys, cannot be undermined reasons why companies involved in the production of these toys do have a users manual. Let’s not try to solve a problem by creating another one. So, do read the user’s manual and also buy new and original sex toys from accredited resellers