Sacred Sword Princesses


Midgardia: Created by the Moon Goddess Mani, a magnificent land inhabited solely by women. Alongside Mani, another Goddess, that goes by the name of Night Mistress Nox, rules over the realm. Together, Mani and Nox strive to preserve the kingdom’s peace and harmony.

Suddenly, Nox betrays Mani and starts spreading “The Taint” in hopes of ruling over the land of Midgardia. Unable to fight this force of evil that has blindsided her, the Goddess of Moon decides to summon YOU to this land.

The coalition of man and woman, a ritual that brings unknown pleasure to the women of this world, will unlock the sacred force hidden inside them to fight the Beasts. Wielder of Sacred Sword! Save Midgardia from its impending doom, through Luna’s guidance and help from your troops!


Pick and create the perfect combination best suited for your needs. Manage Elements, Classes and Spirit Attacks to strategize for the upcoming battles.

Develop squad members by leveling up, ranking up, and activating talent grids. Gear up with set equipment, treasures, character shards and other collectibles

Fascinating and expansive setting! Complex and emotional stories! Aside from charming maidens, there are also charismatic antagonists and Empresses from the twelve Empires.

They all are waiting for your arrival!



Get intimate and learn more about your squad members as you unlock their Harem episodes.

All character are presented in full Live2D! Come and feel their emotions and interact with them!
High rarity characters even have fully nude Live2D mode exclusive to them.


Available on both Android OS and PC, you may begin your quest from anywhere you want!

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